Motley Crew
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Motley Crew

1,795,000 원 후원 90%
목표액 2,000,000 원
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We are a group of friends who live in different countries around the world, but gather for Trailwalker. This is our first time participating in Trailwalker Korea and we are excited to be taking part in such a great event.
  • James Haines

  • James Kozinski

  • Peter Cabral

  • Jin Woo Park


후원자님의 나눔은 현장에서 생명을 살리는 도움의 손길로 꽃피게 됩니다.

  • 최소 기부펀딩 마감일: 2020. 07.31 (금) 18시
  • 후원금은 100% 옥스팜의 긴급구호, 국제개발, 캠페인 활동에 사용됩니다.
팀과 함께한 18명의 발걸음
팀과 함께한 18명의 발걸음
후원자명 응원 문구 후원금액
JamesKozinskiLet''s exceed our fundraising goal and then go out and beat our team time goal.450,000 KRW
?志高井Hats off to you all!200,000 KRW
Chi WaiYanI am really proud of you, Japan & Korean credit teams!200,000 KRW
Robert JBellHUUUUGE150,000 KRW
Irene KimGo for it guys!! Hope you all keep well and also enjoy the journey!100,000 KRW
PETER LUIZCABRALGood luck guys!100,000 KRW
Jin Woo ParkI will survive.100,000 KRW
Jang, Eun SukBrave challenge, I pray for you to finish this in good health~!!100,000 KRW
PETERCABRALKind donation from Mikami-san95,000 KRW
PETER LUIZCABRALI got through!50,000 KRW
YanLeeGo Team Motley Crew!50,000 KRW
PETERCABRALNever give up! (Kohei O.)50,000 KRW
육경희Go go:)30,000 KRW
DmitriLechtchinskiCongrats on the finish! Great job!30,000 KRW
박성민keep it up!20,000 KRW
Kam FaWongHave fun!10,000 KRW
HeejeongKimCheer up! :)10,000 KRW
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