Date Contents
3.2(Tue) Team page open & Fundraising start
*TBD Deadline for team member change 
*It's impossible to replace a member after the day for safety reasons.
*TBD Top fundraising team of the year 
* Top fundraising team will be selected based on contributions until 2 September
*It's based on the total fundraising amount from 2020 to 2021.
On-Site Schedule : First & Second week, October

Event Schedule Overview

Date Time Program
10.1 (Fri.) 16:00-24:00 On-site registration and gear check
18:00-18:50 Event brief session (English)
Event brief session (Korean)
10.2 (Sat.) 05:30 Warm up & Opening ceremony
06:00 Trailwalker Start
10.3 (Sun.) 20:00 Trailwalker Finish

Event Schedule Details

1. On-Site Registration
Date Time Program
10. 1 (Fri) 16:00 - 24:00 On-site registration and gear check
* This session might be subject to change due to the COVID-19.
* All four team members must check in together for the on-site registration.
* Participants are required to present identification with photo such as residence registration card, driver’s license, passport, etc.
* Participants are required to take a CPR training, necessary gear check, and fill out waiver & disclaimer at site registration.
* If you don’t bring mendatory gear, you may not be allowed to participate for safety reasons.

[Registration Steps]
1 2 3 4 5
Wear a mask
Take your temperture
Use hand sanitizer
Fill out the medical questionnaire
Signed the waiver CPR training Check ID &
necessary gear check
Submit the signed waiver
Wearing participant’s ID wristband
Collect welcome package
[Necessary Gear Check]
① Mobile phone & spare phone batteries
② Headlamps and spare batteries
③ Water bottle (water bag)
④ Windbreaker
⑤ First aid kit (bandage, ointment etc.)
⑥ Whistle
⑦ Foil thermal blanket for bivouac
⑧ Face mask
2. Event Brief Session
Date Time Program
10. 1 (Fri) 18:00-18:50 Event brief session (English)
* For your safety, please attend the event brief session.
* This session might be subject to change due to the COVID-19. 
* Location of the event brief can be changed by the organizer and will be announced on site in such case.

3. Event Start
Date Time Program
10. 2 (Sat) 05:30-06:00 Warm up & opening ceremony
06:00 100KM Start
* Participants who want to use 'drop-bag service' shall be at the point of departure at 05:00.
* Drop-Bag Service

* Program schedule is subject to change by the organizer and will be announced again in such case.