Rules & Regulations

Rules & Regulations



Participant Event Guide

  • Participants must form teams of four and aged 19 years of more.
  • The team members cannot be changed without authorization of the organizer after deadline for team member change (until 2023. 04.21).
  • Transfer of right to participation and change of team member on the day of event is strictly prohibited.
  • Team number is attributed by the order of registration and cannot be changed arbitrarily.
  • For your safety, all four team members must check in together for the on-site registration and please attend the event brief session.

Refund Policy and Changing Your Team Member 

  • Oxfam Trailwalker is a global fundraising project for those suffering from poverty all around the world. In line with global Oxfam Trailwalker policy, registration fee and the raised fund is non-refundable.
  • If your team withdraws from participation, you can transfer your registration fee for participation in Oxfam Trailwalker Korea 2024. (The raised fund will be donated in its entirety.)
  • If there is a postponement, all funds will be transferred to the next trailwalker event.
  • If you are unable to participate on the new date, please contact our office.
  • If participants are unable to take part due to reasons unrelated to COVID-19, the special rules will not apply.

Health and Safety

  • All participants must be fit to walk 100km. If you have a heart disease or chronic disease or any other diseases requiring constant treatment, you may not be able to participate in the event.
  • All participants should follow safety rules set by the organizer to prevent safety accidents and shall be mindful for injury and safety incidents.
  • Team members should cooperate with each other for safety and are responsible to give first aid in emergency situations.
  • Organizer will not be held accountable for accident, injury, etc. caused by participant’s negligence, not by the intention or at fault of the organizer.
  • Failure to wear necessary gear and the participant identification bib number, and course deviation constitutes disqualification for safety concerns.
  • The organizer purchased event safety and accident insurance from Korea Sports Safety Foundation.
  • The insurance is specific to the event. The insurance covers accident due to the fault of the organizer, based on the insurance rules and regulations, and does not cover accident due to the participant’s disease, health conditions and negligence.
  • The organizer is exempt from any responsibility towards problems that are unrelated to the insurance terms of the purchased event insurance. Participants shall be careful of accidents and are encouraged to purchase individual insurance if one wishes to receive compensation for individual accident.


  • The course includes mountain areas and walking at night.
  • The course will be signposted and all participants shall follow the signs.
  • All team members must walk together on the trail. Particularly at night, if you are separated from your team members and walk alone, you may be cautioned since it’s a team event.
  • During pass the village(specially in late night and dawn), please refrain from making loud noises.
  •  Participants will be subject to sanction or disqualification for deviation from the designated trail or transporting by vehicle along any portion of the trail in accordance with rules and regulations of the event.
  • Drinking alcohol and smoking is strictly prohibited along the entire course. 
  • Please carry all the trash you make and dispose it at designated spot and protect environment.

Check point (CP)

  • There are checkpoints along the course of 100km (*Checkpoint details will be announced).
  • Checkpoint is where we make sure you are well-rested and safe. Participants will be provided with water, energy snacks and medical services at checkpoints located every 10km. At major checkpoints, participants will be served with massage, Bag-drop and hot food. Besides food served, you will be provided with additional food and supplies by your support crew.
  • If a member of your team is unable to continue for reasons including health conditions, you must first report to the organizer and follow decision and guidance of the organizer at the nearest checkpoint. The organizer does not offer transportation service for those who drop out of the walking. They can get help from the supporters at the checkpoint or take a taxi.
  • Even when one or two members drop, the rest of the team can continue walking. Only one member is not allowed to continue, but must meet someone at a checkpoint to make a group of more than 2 to continue walking.
  • Each checkpoint has a designated operating hours. Corresponding opening and closing time for each checkpoint will be available for you on map and guide booklet and signboard at each checkpoint. It is the appropriate time at which we think a participant would need to pass the checkpoint to ensure the completion of the course. If a participant passes the checkpoint after the designated closing time, we, the organizer, reserve the right to consult with medical staffs and participant to decide if he/she would continue the walk or not.

Safety Team

  • Safety team helps the last team not to fall behind and pass the checkpoint during the CP's operating hours. If Safety team thinks that a team cannot finish the course or if there is a safety problem, the Safety team can advise the team to resign. The team should follow the Safety team’s advice for your safety.
  • There will be a Sweep team, a pacemaker who walks behind the last team to help everyone finish the trail within 38 hours. The Sweep team constantly checks if there is anyone who’s left behind and makes sure that everyone follows the right course.


  • The organizer reserves the right to use any photograph, film or record of participants connected to the event and participants will not raise objections to the organizer’s use of such materials for media (television, newspapers, magazines, the Internet, etc.) in the future.
  • The Organizer shall have the right to cancel or postpone Oxfam Trailwalker at any time due to any internal or external causes, including, natural disasters, terror, fire, strike, unavoidable accidents, etc. In such case, Oxfam Trailwalker is a charitable event and that any donation is final upon payment being made to Oxfam. Whereas the admission fee may be refunded or be deferred for next year event’s, any donation is non-refundable and irrevocable. If you choose to defer the admission fee for next year’s event, you shall be required to make donations again next year. (When cancelled/ postponed, participants will be individually notified via previously-provided contact information.)