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Oxfam in Korea Privacy policy

Oxfam in Korea is committed to protecting any personal information we obtain about you, whether you are just visiting our website or are a financial supporter, volunteer or campaigner. This Privacy Policy sets out how we obtain, use and protect any personal information you provide to us, whether online, via phone, text, email, in letters or in other correspondence.

The Personal Information Policy complies with Republic of Korea’s privacy regulations under Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilizati on and Information Protection, etc. and Personal Information Protection Act.

Oxfam in Korea makes utmost effort to protect users’ personal information and prevent unauthorized disclosure and consequent damage.

1. Types of information and ways of collection

Oxfam in Korea to provide services including membership, payment of donation, and on/offline newsletter mailing collects the personal information as follows;

- Required: name, date of birth, gender, login ID, pa ssword, address, mobile number, e - mail , bank name, bank account, credit card number, expiry date (Legal guardian's name and contact number for those aged under 14)
- Optional: Residence registration number (for year - end donation receipt - tax deductible rec eipt ), home phone number

2. Purpose

Oxfam will use your personal information for a number of purposes including the following:

• To manage donors Identification necessary for management and services, confirmation of member registration, answering questions and processing other requests, mailing of notices and newsletters
• To manage contributions d onation payment, issuance of donation receipt, reports on the usage of contribution, internal financial audit
• Donor c ommunication Sending out newsletter and reports for donor communication and there is the feasibility of the displaying the greetings or remarks of donors on Oxfam website, Newsletter or blog, etc. anonymously without prior notification.
• To analyze donation trends Analysis and statistics of trends to en courage donation in general, improvement of donation (management) program by recognizing donors’ website visiting patterns
• To inform further details about Oxfam in Korea campaigns and to introduce ways to make donation to the online event participants.

3. Retention

Oxfam in Korea retains and uses the personal information of users who sign up as members for purposes articulated in the terms of use and privacy policy.

In case of withdrawing the membership, the information and data on donation payment shall be retained for the certain period of time (5 years) after the withdrawal as determined by legislations for the issuance of donation receipt, etc.

4. Disposal

Oxfam in Korea in principle disposes a user’s personal information without delay after the stated goals are fulfilled. Oxfam in Korea destroys the personal information in following procedures and ways;

• The information that users offer for registration is moved to a separate database (a separate file box for papers) after the information is used for the intended purpose, stored for certain period of time for reasons of information protection under internal policy and relevant legislations (Please refer to Retention above) and destroyed. The information transferred to a separate database is not used for a ny other purpose than being retained unless specified by law.
• The personal information stored in files is deleted in technical ways that prevent any recovery of the record. The information printed out on paper is destroyed through paper shredder or burned out.

5. Information sharing and offering

Oxfam in Korea in principle does not provide the personal information of don ors to the third party except;

• where users’ prior consent is given
• where the personal information is necessary to implement the service contract and it is apparently difficult to gain agreement in usual way due to economic/technical reasons
• where required by laws and regulations, or requested by an investigation agency in accordance with p rocedures and ways specified by legislations for t he investigation purpose .

6. Entrust of collected personal information

Oxfam in Korea in principle handles and manages the collected personal information and relevant work on its own, but if necessary, may entrust the part of or the entire scope of work to the third party selected by the Office. If entrusted to the third party, it shall be notified in advance while Oxfam in Korea manages and supervises the contracting organization. At the moment, Oxfam in Korea entrusts its service for the management of deposit and withdrawal of contribution and the stability of service to external compan ies.

The entrusted
Information provided
Service entrusted
SG global Support
Donor information ( name, phone number, date of birth , address, email )
payment information (bank account number, account holder's name , card number )
Service entrusted
Crevis Donor information (name, phone number, date of birth , address, email )
payment information (bank account number, account holder's name , card number )
Service entrusted
Korea Financial Telecommunications & Clearings institute Bank name, bank account number, account holder name, date of birth, donation amount Withdrawal and management of donation through CMS
NICE Payments Credit card number, valid date Donation transaction through credit card
PAYPAL Credit card number, valid date Donation transaction through credit card
DM Line Name, phone number, postal address Mailing out mass communication materials
INTAKE Participant information (name, phone number, postal address) Delivery of participant prizes

7. User’s rights

Users and their legal guardians may access or correct the personal information of their own or the children under 14 and express anytime the withdrawal of consent.

Inquiry/correction of personal information or withdrawal of users or the children aged under 14 can be completed simply by clicking on ‘Updating Personal Information’ (or ‘Member Information Correction’) for the inquiry/ correction or ‘Withdrawal from membership’ to unsubscribe (withdrawal of consent) and go through user identification procedure. Or, you may contact the personal information officer as well via written, phone, or email requests for immediate execution.

If a user requests correction of his information, it is not used nor offered before the update is completed. If the wrong information is already provided to the third party, the corrected information is notified also to the third party without delay for correction.

8. Automatic personal information collection system

Oxfam in Korea handles the personal information which is unsubscribed or deleted upon the request of the users or their lega l guardians as specified in “3. Retention” and blocks its inquiry or usage for the purposes other than specified.

Oxfam in Korea runs ‘cookies’ that often store and search the user information. Cookies are tiny text files which Oxfam in Korea website server sends to a user’s web browser. They are stored in the hard disc of the user’s PC. Oxfam in Korea uses cooki es for the following purposes;

• Use of cookies: to analyze the frequency or time of visits of members and non - members, to find users’ preference and interests, and to track history, and to count the number of event participation and visits.
• Users have the right to choose the installation of cookies. Therefore, users may set the options on their web browsers to allow all cookies, to ask w henever cookies are stored, or to decline storing of all cookies.

9. Security

Oxfam in Korea handles the users’ privacy with technological and systematic approaches to prevent loss, theft, leakages, alteration, and compromise and to secure stability of the in formation as follows;

• Technological/systematic security of personal information: Oxfam in Korea entrusts the storage of personal information in the form of electronic files to an outside expert, Human Software Corp., to secure the technological safety fr om hacking while Oxfam in Korea monitors the work of the company and confirms its compliance with relevant laws and regulations. The agreements converted into electronic forms can be handled only by those authorized by the Office. In addition, the personal information officer of Oxfam in Korea makes best efforts in through supervision and training based on internal management plan to prevent the loss, theft, leakage, alteration, or compromise of personal information.
• Oxfam in Korea does its best to prevent users’ privacy from being disclosed or compromised by hacking or computer viruses. The information are regularly backed up for data integrity and protected with the most up - to - date vaccine programs. All personal information are safely encrypted and transferred on the network.
• Training employees who handle personal information: Oxfam in Korea sets up and executes internal policy to comply with the guidance of Personal Information Protection Act and makes efforts for prevention and solution of problems relat ed with users’ privacy.
• Personal ID and passwords management: A user’s personal data is managed solely under his own ID and passwords. Therefore, each user should take extra care to prevent his ID and passwords from being disclosed. When using shared compu ters at internet cafes or public places such as library, a user must sign out and close the web browser after completing the job. Oxfam in Korea does not take responsibility for the problems caused by users’ lack of caution and consequent leakage of person al information including ID, passwords, date of births, etc. and by the risk of the internet in nature. All users should be aware of the importance of protecting their passwords, change passwords regularly, and take caution to prevent any disclosure of per sonal information when signing in on shared PCs.

10. Complaints

Members registered by Oxfam in Korea may raise all complaints on personal information protection found using our service to Personal Information Officers or the responsible team. Oxfam in Korea would respond swiftly and sufficiently to the raised complaints.

Personal information department: Marketing team

Supervisor: Kyungyoung Chi, Chief executive officer of Oxfam in Korea

Email: infokorea@oxfam.or. kr


For other reports or counseling on the breach of privacy, please contact the following institutions;

1) KISA PRIVACY center ( without prefix)
2) Korea Online Privacy Association ( - 550 - 9531~2)
3) Supreme Prosecutors’ Office Cybercrime Investigation Department (http://http://www.spo.go.k/02 - 3480 - 2000)
4) Korean National Police Agency cyber terror response center ( - 0112)

11. Duty of notice

Any addition, deletion, and revision on this Personal Information Policy shall be posted at least a wee k before the amendment at ‘Notices’ on the website.

Updated: November, 2017