On the day

On the day


On the day

Arrival at the event location

  • Be at the event location before 05:30. Arriving earlier is one way to free yourself from pressure to hurry.
  • Before the event starts, stretch your legs to relax muscles.

Nothing new

  • Do not try anything new for the event.
    • Wear shoes and socks that you usually wear – not the new ones.
    • Even for snacks, bring the ones that you are used to.

Step by step

  • Take the event step by step, breaking it down into smaller, more manageable pieces.
  • Think of it as walking off the distance piece by piece, not walking a long distance all at once. This may help you both physically and psychologically. Don’t think of it as ‘100km to go’, think of it as ‘only 9km to the next checkpoint’.

Eye on nutrition

  • Ensure you consume enough food during the event to make it till the finishing point. Avoid heavy, dry meals that can weigh you down as you continue walking.
  • Keep an eye on your team members’ nutrition intakes and offer food or drinks as appropriate. 

Be prepared for hot and cold weather

  • Always keep the weather in mind - before, during and after the event.
  • If it’s hot and sunny, wear suncream and hat with brim, and keep up the fluids (electrolyte drinks in particular).
  • Prepare your clothing for cold or rainy weather. Change out of damp, sweaty clothes to avoid catching a cold (especially in the night)
  • Layers are the best way to prepare yourself for high mountain area, night trekking, weather changes (strong wind, rain, low/high temperature).

Walk at a pace that suits your team

  • Only go as fast as your slowest team member. It is important to encourage the member who falls behind and finish the walk as a team.
  • Jointly decide with your team members when and at which checkpoints will the team rest.
  • Sleep during the event depends on your team’s strategy. Some teams decide to sleep for 20-30 minutes during the walk, while others decide to soldier on. However, we don’t recommend you sleep for more than an hour per rest: it will be more difficult for you to walk after a long sleep.

Remember to rest

  • Your health and safety comes before finishing the race. No team member shall push themselves to walk beyond their capacity and put their health and own security in danger.
  • Night time and early morning are the hardest. Do not push yourself and take a rest at the nearest checkpoint before walking again.

Always keep your mobile phone with you

  • Always have your mobile phone on you for emergency.