2019 Top Fundraising Team of the Year.

Thank you all the participants and fundraising donors for taking an active role in fighting against poverty!
We have the winner for "2019 Top Fundraising Team of the Year." 

2019 Top Fundraising Team of the Year

​Team Songdo Outboxer
 Donation amount: KRW 6,750,000


Thank you, Team Songdo Outboxer, for sharing Oxfam's vision for a "World without Poverty" with your donors! The winner will be posted on to the 'Hall of Fame' on the Oxfam Trailwalker Korea official site. 

Thanks to each and every Oxfam Tailwalker donors who generously donated, we are a step closer to achieving a better world, a world without poverty. The fundraising site for each team will stay open until September 30, so if your heart desires, please continue to support your team members.

Happy Trailwalking!!