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4,821,000 KRW raised 965%
Target :500,000 KRW
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ifast team TARDIGRADES
  • andy soh TL

  • Allen Lim CJ

  • Seng Kwang Kevin Yeo

  • Liang Siah Poh

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The difference you make

‘Fundraising’ is an activity that a team of participants encourage their friends and family to join donation to help the poor around the world. Each trailwalker team pledges to raise min USD 500 for helping people in poverty no later than Monday, 30th April 2018. All the funds raised through Oxfam Trailwalker will support Oxfam's emergency response including safe water, sanitation and hygiene supply.

The more you raise, the more people you can help.

59 donations and messages of support
59 donations and messages of support
Donor Message Amount
MFABe safe and enjoy the walk800,000 원
Benny OngTo God be the glory.800,000 원
Financial Alliance Pte LtdLiang Siah and Kevin, we are proud of your determination to complete the 100KM as a team and Financial Alliance will be with you to achieve this goal!323,000 원
Serene Chng240,000 원
Freddie Kang Sing Fong160,000 원
Loh Sin Niew159,000 원
Ang Toon Yew159,000 원
Chew Huai YuenGood luck - it’s a worthy cause, I fully support the organization. 121,000 원
KevskyContinue the good work100,000 원
AnonymousGo, Kevin Yeo!100,000 원
Janice TayGo bro go!80,000 원
Rose Ho80,000 원
Benedict ChngMy words are strength to you80,000 원
Ramesh SubramaniamGood luck Kevin ! All the best to Team Tardigrades80,000 원
David Chee80,000 원
Elton LekGood initiative80,000 원
Alan NGWish you a speedy race, Liang Siah & Team80,000 원
Veronica LOONG 加油80,000 원
Ruben HoOnce a Tardigrade, always a Tardigrade!50,000 원
Hong Che HweeGood luck to Kevin Yeo and Team Tardigrades!50,000 원
Ee pei enFinish the 100km well.43,000 원
Ismay Koh To the four of you. Live, Love, Run.. Runner runner run.. Feel the wind freshness into you .. Love that good ache of muscles that have done you proud!??????????40,000 원
supa pain is just weakness in your head.40,000 원
tan sia kenggood work40,000 원
Bernard Lim Hock TatJiaYou Tardigrades Team40,000 원
Colin KokGo40,000 원
Jason Peh Jiesheng40,000 원
Grace ChanAdd oil, Bros. Very proud of you! 40,000 원
Rajaall the best Andy40,000 원
Si Yun EeKeep making a difference in the world with your own two feet! :) 40,000 원
EKJiayou!40,000 원
AnonymousJiayou!40,000 원
Adelyn Goh Keep it Up!39,000 원
ShangmianyForever young??39,000 원
Wendy Yap Pui Mei39,000 원
Stephen Loh39,000 원
Beth WongGood Luck. Stay calm and just walk lah!39,000 원
Altricia Soh39,000 원
Min Yi Goodluck!39,000 원
James Lim39,000 원
Ivonne Lim39,000 원
Catherine HoPress on!38,000 원
Tang Khan LoonAll the best! You can do it!30,000 원
Munerasdad20,000 원
Edward William Ion19,000 원
Ng Leng Leng16,000 원
WinSteady la!16,000 원
Ezen Choong16,000 원
Desmond Pek16,000 원
Carol Tham16,000 원
Eng Zee Lin15,000 원
Susan Tan please run faster dare you stop half way you pay me double up my donation.15,000 원
Low Kok SengAll the best!15,000 원
Garion TanJia you!12,000 원
Chan Kang Jun9,000 원
Alice FooJust do it8,000 원
Foong GeraldineJia Yu. Full speed .8,000 원
Eric KohAim for the Toilet8,000 원
Peter Tan Kah Lokgo go go8,000 원
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