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1,566,000 KRW raised 314%
Target :500,000 KRW
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iFAST D Team
  • Chung Chun Lim

  • Soon Shyan Wong

  • Aik Joo Tay

  • Zhi Ming Tan

The difference you make

‘Fundraising’ is an activity that a team of participants encourage their friends and family to join donation to help the poor around the world. Each trailwalker team pledges to raise min USD 500 for helping people in poverty no later than Monday, 30th April 2018. All the funds raised through Oxfam Trailwalker will support Oxfam's emergency response including safe water, sanitation and hygiene supply.

The more you raise, the more people you can help.

18 donations and messages of support
18 donations and messages of support
Donor Message Amount
Lay KienAll the best ! 加油500,000 KRW
Lee Lam Lee400,000 KRW
Wong Soon Shyan95,000 KRW
Seah Chee Hwa80,000 KRW
Hong Tuck Kwai80,000 KRW
Hong Tuck Kwai80,000 KRW
Wong Soon Huey80,000 KRW
Saw Choon Leong63,000 KRW
Hui QiGanbate and fight it till the end of the trip!50,000 KRW
Anoymous30,000 KRW
NicoleThe pain you feel today will be the strength you feel tomorrow. When you feel like giving up, remember why you started. All the best :) (butifyoureallywanttostopit''sokaytoodon''tpushyourselftoohard)20,000 KRW
OppaOppa always support u! Hahaha!!20,000 KRW
JieyingJIAYOU! :D20,000 KRW
YAOPINGjia you10,000 KRW
Xin YiAll the best! :)10,000 KRW
CelesteGanbatte! Fighting! Paiting!10,000 KRW
KANG CHUN PINKeep on the Spirit. Rock! Andrew Kang :)10,000 KRW
Stanley Wong8,000 KRW
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