Do we sleep during the event?
Some teams do and some do not. You design your own strategy on this matter - some teams take short naps for 20~30 minutes and some keep walking.
If you sleep for too long, it will be hard for you to move again, so we don’t recommend more than an hour of sleep.
This year, you can rest/sleep at checkpoint 5. Please refer to the checkpoint details. 

What should we do if a member wants to quit?

The most important thing is health and safety of all participants.
If any member feels problem in health condition, we recommend you inform us at a checkpoint and quit, or consult the medical team.

If you want to quit in the middle of the course, the team leader should inform us through the emergency contact and follow our guidance.

Even when one or two members quit, the rest of the team can continue walking. Only one member is not allowed to continue, but must meet someone at a checkpoint to make a group of more than 2 to continue the race.

In case of rain

In case of heavy rain, the event can be postponed for safety reasons.
(When postponed, participants will be individually notified via previously-provided contact information.)