Fundraising is an activity that a team of participants encourage their friends and family to join donation to help the poor around the world. As donation is a requirement to participate in the event, each team must complete raising at least USD 500. All the funds will support Oxfam’s emergency response to save lives.

How your supportwillchange lives

The money you raise will help lift people out of poverty across the globe and provide for Oxfam’s emergency response including safe water, sanitation and hygiene supply.

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Thanks to the supporters, change is happening around the world even at this moment.
But there is still need a lot of help.

She used to have to walk 45 minutes and climb down steep river banks to collect water from a river.

* In Zimbabwe, only 48% of the rural population has access to safe drinking water.

Thanks to an Oxfam funded solar piped water system in Mabondo village Emmily now has access to fresh running tap water close to her home.

-Emmily, Zimbabwe.

Grace lives 15 km away from her school. She used to walk two hours each way every single day, just to ensure she kept up her education. The walk used to make her vulnerable to harassment from young boys.

* In Malawi, 54% of secondary school age girls are not in education.
* In Mozambique 57% of girls are married by the age of 18.

Since receiving a bicycle from Oxfam, Grace can now speed past the boys who used to bother her, and spend less time travelling to school and more time learning.
Oxfam has so far provided bicycles to 30 girls in schools across Southern Malawi.

2022/23 Trailwalker Funds

We’ve provided support to an estimated 17,000 people for safe drinking water, sanitation, emergency food distribution and livelihood activities in Africa and Pakistan.

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In the 2022 financial year, Oxfam reached more than 15.6 million people worldwide. 

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Fundraising Awards

Top Fundraising Team of The Year

The team raises the highest donation will be honored at the Oxfam Trailwalker Hall of Fame for their contribution to overcoming poverty and injustice. Also, trophy and souvenir will be awarded to the top fundraising team.

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