Detail of the funds

Detail of the funds



2022 Oxfam Trailwalker Donation Use Report 2022

* The use of donations raised through the 2022 Oxfam Trailwalker challenge run event are provided to participants and fundraising doners


2022 Oxfam Trailwalker Fundraising and Use Overview

Fundraising results

Fundraising event

2022 Oxfam Trailwalker


2022.03.23 (Wed.) - 2022.06.30 (Thurs.) (3 months) 

Total donations

KRW 28,259,777 
(Event participation fee, fundraising donations, & T-shirt sales)

Total donors

861 people
(Event participants & fundraising doners)


Applicable to only new participants (Excluding teams deferred due to special COVID-19 regulations)

* Among the participants in this year's challenge run event, the 2020/21 event’s donation amount, which was raised by the previous year's participating teams, was KRW 201,530,144/ 4,981 people donated

Results of donation use

The 2022 donations supported emergency relief, including water, sanitation facilities, and education programs required for COVID-19 response, as well as livelihood activities to empower self-reliance in the most vulnerable places worldwide.

Detailed information on donation use

Share of Donations Used

Oxfam Korea is the Korean-affiliated office of Oxfam UK Head Office. 100% of all donations, including those raised at the Oxfam Trail Walker event, are remitted to the UK Head Office every month, and redeployed to emergency relief sites, international development projects and social contribution advocacy projects around the world.

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The business details below are the donation results of Oxfam's total emergency relief, international development and social contribution activities, including donations from Oxfam Trailwalker.

Humanitarian emergency relief, social contribution campaigns
Inoculations and response to COVID-19


COVID-19, which drove the world into crisis, was even more fatal to the vulnerable segment in underdeveloped countries. The majority of them were already suffering inequality and famine before COVID-19, and living in a situation that makes it difficult to obtain sanitary products, let alone social distance due to poor health and sanitation, social infrastructure, and overcrowded living conditions. COVID-19 threatens countless lives and worsens unequal poverty, spreading around vulnerable groups such as refugees, displaced people, low-income groups and undocumented workers.


Oxfam mobilized a response focused on preventing the spread of COVID-19 and supporting those whose livelihoods have been impacted by the pandemic. Based on our experience in the field of diseases such as Zika and Ebola viruses in the past, we have undertaken water and sanitation, food and livelihood support activities in partnership with about 700 entities. Moreover, Oxfam has relentlessly campaigned for fair vaccine distribution in the international community by participating in the People’s Vaccine campaign to address vaccine inequality.

Snapshot of Oxfam Activities

[Main activities by area]
Water and sanitation support
  • Sanitary products supplied (970,000 people)
  • Potable water provided (1.88 mil people)
  • Health and hygiene education programs (5.3 mil people)
  • Hand sanitizers installed (1.06 mil people)
  • Support for water, sanitation & PPE gear/ equipment, etc. (699 facilities)
Food and livelihood support
  • Payment of emergency disaster support (1.02 mil people)
  • Food drives (270,000 people)
  • Social protection support (280,000 people)
  • Agricultural technology & material support, etc. (50,000 people)
Protection and education activities
  • Sexism & violence prevention activities (450,000 people)
  • Safe learning environment secured (120,000 students)
  • Protection thru subsidies & vouchers (50,000 people)

Photos of onsite activities


© Aurelie Godet/Oxfam / © Tavonga Chikwaya/Oxfam
  • Distributed food baskets containing lentils, rice, sugar, vegetable oil & flour to vulnerable households in Mosul district;
  • Distributed 500 hygiene kits to vulnerable households in Seniyah Mosul


© Oxfam
  • Good hygiene and hand washing education to prevent COVID-19 virus to elementary school children in the town of Abu Jabbar

Thank you for lending your support

Oxfam’s presence is already felt in the world's most vulnerable areas, with your support being together as well. We would like to express our deep gratitude to the participants who decided to take on the challenge and joined us as well as the fundraising doners who supported the challenge run and participated in sharing. We hope to reunite and find you well next year!