Course Map / 101.2km

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Route Profile / 2,571m


Course Tracking Video

This video is what we actually recorded along the course of 2020/21 Oxfam Trailwalker Korea.

Course Distance and Difficulty / Operation Timetable / CP

  • ‘Course Distance’ may vary according to measurement method and tools.
Distance and difficulty CP Operation Time CP Service
Course Arrival Check Point(CP) Distance
Accumulated Distance
Open Close Serving
Drop-bag Service Resting
Course Difficulty
Course 1
(Start - CP1)
CP1. Hyangdowon Sallim Hillingsenteo 14 14 (Sat.)
Course 2
(CP1 - CP2)
CP2. Gwangsan school heullibungyo 12.6 26.6 (Sat.)
O O   Taping
Course 3
(CP2 - CP3)
CP3. Jangsin2-ri Gyeongnodang 12.4 39 (Sat.)
Course 4
(CP3 - CP4)
CP4. Eocheon-ri Gyeongnodang 10.2 49.2 (Sat.)
Course 5
(CP4 - CP5)
CP5. Goseong-gun Stadium 6.4 55.6 (Sat.)
Course 6
(CP5 - CP6)
CP6. Songjeongmaeul Camping area 11.5 67.1 (Sat.)
Course 7
(CP6 - CP7)
CP7. Hwajinpo tourism center 8.3 75.4 (Sat.)
Course 8
(CP7 - CP8)
CP8. Goseongmyeongtae center 6.6 82 (Sat.)
O O    
Course 9
(CP8 - CP9)
CP9. Gajin-ri Gyeongnodang 11 93 (Sat.)
Course 10
(CP9 - Finish)
Finish. Sampo beach 8.2 101.2 (Sat.)

*CP= Checkpoint
* This services are subject to change before the event.

Course Features and Attention Required Zones

Course 1

Sampo beach (Start) → Hyangdowon Sallim Hillingsenteo(CP1)

Distance : 14km | Difficulty : ★★

Course Features

  • Height : Flat 4.5km > Moderate undulating path 4.5km, Moderate undulating path alongside creek 8km
  • Surface: Paths and paved roads(Asphalt and concrete)
  • Haeparang-gil 46 course that passes Sampo, Jajakdo, Baekdo beach, and a course that takes you past Ulsanbawi and the local neighborhood.
  • This part of track is well suited for casual hikes as well as trail running for those inclined.

Attention Required

  • [Crossroad] At 2.5km vicinity of the Munamri relic crossroad, turn right towards Munam nursing home.
  • [Beware of Traffic] Watch out for cars as you approach the path below the bridge in number 7 national highway that connects Munamri and Baekchonri
  • [Beware of Traffic] Keep to one side of the road to avoid incoming traffic, when passing through the slope passing the local neighborhood stretching from the 4.5km to the 9km points.
  • [Beware of Traffic] The uphill path from Dohak Elementary School to CP1 stretching about 4km is a two lane road.
    Police will control one lane, so please follow the side that is relatively traffic free, or the right side path, depending on the circumstances.

▲ Local town path with a view of Mt. Seorak

▲ Mureungdowongwonyeong munhwasenteo



CP 1. Hyangdowon Sallim Hillingsenteo Operating Hours : Sat. 07:30 ~ 10:00 CP Food & Beverage : water, beverage, glutinous rice cake, snacks, bananaCP Service : Toilet Address : Gangwon Goseong-gun Toseong-myeon Mureungdowon-ro 923

Course 2

Hyangdowon Sallim Hillingsenteo(CP1) -> Gwangsan school heullibungyo(CP2)

Course Distance: 12.6km | Difficulty: ★★★★

Course Features

  • Height : Moderate ascent 4km, steep ascent 1.5km, steep descent 0.5km, valley path(Uphill) 5.6km, moderate ascent 1km
  • Surface: Mostly dirt paths along the slopes, and next to the creek. The last course is a 1km paved road along the local town.
  • The course takes you past Daegallyeong which is part of Baekdudaegan Mountain Range and the pristine Heuli valley.
  • Most of the parts has luscious forest, so trekkers will be in the shade while soaking in the natural beauty.
  • here are around 10 footbridges or stepping stones connecting the valley from the middle of the course. Please take caution, as one can slip and fall. You can use the drop-bag service at CP2, so you may want to have a fresh pair of shoes packed.

Attention Required

  • [Crossroad] After passing the 1.5km mark of CP1, cross the bridge towards Saeiryeong/Imdo.
  • [Crossroad] After coming into the Dowonimdo signboard, keep going towards the forest path in Daegallyeong.
  • [Steep slope] When tackling the slopes and coming across rocky paths, separate to two teams, maintain distance and watch out for falling rocks. It could seem steep to novices, but the path has been improved recently. So it shouldn’t be too challenging to cover the new dirt paths.
  • [Crossroad] After passing Majangteo, and reaching the 500m point, proceed towards heulli valley. Remember to check the signboards and the ribbons to stay on track.
  • [Creek] When crossing the creek, be careful as the rocks are wet and slippery. Also, there are dense layers of leaves, so watch your step.
  • [Crossroad] At the end of the valley, there are empty lots with huge trees. Head to the lower right direction, and please check the signboards and ribbons properly.

▲ Course 2, initial parts are gentle slopes

▲ Forest paths towards Daegallyeong is steep

▲ Daegallyeong will displa a milepost at the top

▲ Heulli valley



CP 2. Gwangsan school heullibungyo Operating Hours : Sat. 10:30 ~ 15:30 CP Food & Beverage : water, beverage, rice&korean soup, snacks, tangerineCP Service : Hot meal, bag-drop, toilet Address : Gangwon Goseong-gun Ganseong-eup Heulliryeong-gil 3-15

Course 3

Gwangsan school heullibungyo(CP2)->Jangsin2-ri Gyeongnodang(CP3)

Course Distance: 12.4km | Difficulty: ★★☆

Course Features

  • Height : Ascent 3km, descent 9.4km
  • Type : Paved roads(Asphalt + Concrete) > Heuliimdo&Jangsinimdo are mostly dirt and rock paths
  • The course takes you past Baekdudaegan trail which shows key forest areas of Korea.
  • Some slopes at the start, but mostly followed by downhill paths, so one can enjoy the sights without running out of breath

Attention Required

  • [Beware of Traffic] CP2 up to the 3.5km point, there’s little traffic.
    There’s a local town road, but just to stay safe, please keep to the outside of the right lane.(Signs to be installed)
  • [Crossroad] Before reaching Heuliimdo, the path splits three ways, so please check the signs before proceeding.
  • [Crossroad] At Jangsinsamgeri, which splits Jangsinimdo and Eocheonimdo, you must head towards Jangsinimdo. Please check the sign and make sure.

▲ Path to Heuliimdo

▲ Path to Heuliimdo

▲ Jangsinimdo scenery

▲ Jangsinri local town path



CP 3. Jangsin2-ri Gyeongnodang Operating Hours : Sat. 12:00 ~ 18:30 CP Food & Beverage : water, beverage, snacks, candy&jelly, bananaCP Service : Toilet Address : Gangwon goseonggun ganseongeum sottongnyeongmaeul 82

Course 4

Jangsin2-ri Gyeongnodang(CP3) -> Eocheolligyeongnodang(CP4)

Course Distance: 10.2km | Difficulty: ★

Course Features

  • Height : Flat 10.2km / Surface: concrete paved town road
  • There are few shades to escape the sun in the pat from Bukcheon to Dukgil, so please watch your condition, stay cool and hydrated.
  • Gentle slope close to flat land, so participants confident in their fitness, can choose to run along this course.

Attention Required

  • [Crossroad] From CP3 at 2km point, cross the bridge and turn right and move along Bukcheon.
    (Please remember to check the signboard)
  • [Beware of Traffic] While passing the embankment towards Eocheonri, you will cross a 2 lane road twice.
    There will be volunteers to ensure safety, but please check again yourself befor crossing.(Below Gwangpyeonggyo and Eocheongyo)
  • [Beware of Traffic] Before arriving in CP4, at the 600 m point, you must follow a 2 lane road.
    There will be volunteers to help and signboards, but please watch out for incoming traffic yourself as you cross. Please keep to the outside of the right lane.
  • [Night time precautions] Slower teams are likely to arrive in this part after sunset.
    Please calculate the rough estimated time of arrival before starting, and have the slower teams get lanterns in their bags at CP2.

▲ Bukcheon dukgil

▲ Eocheolli maeulgil



CP 4. Eocheolligyeongnodang Operating Hours : Sat. 13:30 ~ 21:30 CP Food & Beverage : water, beverage, snacks, tangerine CP Service : Toilet Address : Gangwon goseonggun ganseongeum eocheon1gil 45

Course 5

Eocheolligyeongnodang (CP4) -> Goseong-gun Stadium (CP5)

Course Distance: 6.4km | Difficulty: ★★

Course Features

  • Height : Flat 1km, ascent 2.4km, Downhill path with repeated slopes and flat paths 3km
  • Surface : Asphalt paved roads > dirt path (Goseongsan hike trail)
  • Enjoy the natural scenery while passing the Goseongsan trail that takes you past Suseong spring.
  • Most teams are expected to pass this point after the evening hours, so please remember to get your lanterns.

Attention Required

  • [Beware of Traffic] The path to Goseongsan is an old road with little to no traffic. Still, there will be volunteers on site, and please keep to the edge of the right lane just to be safe.
  • [Slipper surface] Please be careful as the dirt path uphill and downhill slopes can be slippery.
  • [Crossroad] After the first uphill slope, there are 3 signs showing the direction to “Suseong spring” proceed to that direction.
  • [Crossroad] After Suseong Spring, head towards Goseong Sports Complex
  • [Checkpoint] Participants that arrived at CP5 may take a break along the soccer field and plan the next move as a team, retrieve needed materials from the bag, and send unnecessary items back to the finishline.

▲ Signboards in the hike path

▲ Hike path scenery



CP 5. Goseong-gun Stadium Operating Hours : Sat. 14:00 ~ Sat. 24:00 CP Food & Beverage : water, beverage, rice&korean soup, snacks, bananaCP Service : Bag-drop, rest area, Hot meal, massage, toilet
(*Rest area opens until 5am)
Address : Gangwon Goseong-gun Ganseong-eup Sang-ri 412-

Course 6

Goseong-gun Stadium (CP5) - > Songjeongmaeul Camping area(CP6)

Course Distance: 11.5km | Difficulty: ★★★

Course Features

  • Height : A 4km stretch of mountain path with slopes and a 7.5km stretch of embankment and town path .
  • Surface : Concrete paved road > dirt and rock path along the mountain
  • Take plenty of rest at CP5, then go past the town road of Goseong-gun, and up the slopes where Geojineup comes into view
  • Most teams are expected to pass this point late at night or at dawn the following day, so please keep a head lantern handy. The weather should be cool during this time.

Attention Required

  • [Beware of Traffic] When crossing the 2 lane road from Daedae-ri, be sure to check both sides to avoid incoming traffic.
  • [Crossroad] While heading to Chogae-ri from Daedae-ri, you will pass a small hill past the town.
    Please carefully check the signboards to avoid getting lost.
  • [Crossroad] While passing the paved embankment path and fields of Chogae-ri, one can easily get lost, so please pay close attention to the signs.
  • [Beware of Traffic] The 1km point from Seokmun-ri to the entrance of Songjeong-ri hill, there are almost no passing vehicles, but still we will have volunteers to ensure traffic safety standing by.
  • [Be careful at downhill slopes] The path down Songjeong-ri hill can be narrow and steep. It can be full of obstacles like weed and rocks. So please approach this section with extra caution. The last bit of the descent is especially steep and full of rocks.

▲ Daedaeri forest

▲ Chogyeri dukgil

▲ Geojin-eup night view

▲ Songjeongni maeulgil



CP 6. Songjeongmaeul Camping area Operating Hours : Sat. 15:30 ~ Sun. 09:00 CP Food & Beverage : water, beverage, instant cup noodle, snacks, candy&jelly, tangerine CP Service : Toilet Address : Gangwon Goseong-gun Geojin-eup Geonbongsa-ro 1503-1

Course 7

Songjeongmaeul Camping area (CP6) -> Hwajinpo tourism center (CP7)

Course Distance: 8.3km | 난이도 : ★

Course Features

  • Height : 8.3km of relatively flat land with around 3 gentle slopes
  • Surface : Concrete paved road(Along local town and trekking path of Hwajinpo)>Pine tree forest > concrete paved road and deck paths (Hwajinpo trekking path)
  • One of 8 majestic scenery of Goseong Hwajinpo can be appreciatd while passing this path.
  • Half the course have no shades, so please pack gears to shield yourself from the sun.

Attention Required

  • [Watch out for downhill slopes] After reaching the upper parts of Eungbong, the downhill area is full of dirt and sand, so it can get very slippery.
  • [Crossroad] While passing Songjeong-ri town, please check the direction signs.
  • [Beware of Traffic] Watch out for incoming traffic while heading to the underpass that takes you to Hwajinpo path from the edge of Songjeong-ri town.
  • [Crossroad] Hwajinpo dullae path is great for walking but one can get lost. So please pay attention to the signboards to avoid making a wrong turn
  • [Watch out for incoming traffic and careful not to get lost] Past Hwajinpo maritime museum, there’s a point where you must turn left to Hwajinpo forest hiking path.
    You must cross the 2 lane road. There will be volunteers to ensure traffic safety, but there can be unexpected tourist vehicles, so please double check while crossing.

▲ Hwajinpo scenery

▲ Hwajinpo dullegil

▲ Entrance of Hwajinpo forest

▲ Hwajinpo forest hike path



CP 7. Hwajinpo tourism center Operating Hours : Sat. 16:30 ~ Sun. 12:00 CP Food & Beverage : water, beverage, snacks, bananaCP Service : Toilet Address : Gangwon Goseong-gun Geojin-eup Hwajinpo-gil 280

Course 8

Hwajinpo tourism center (CP7) -> Goseongmyeongtae center(CP8)

Course Distance: 6.6km | Difficulty: ★★

Course Features

  • Height : 5km hill path with repeated slopes / 1.6km flat land
  • Surface: dirt path>several dirt paths and paved roads > Paved roads and pedestrian path(To local village)
  • There are steep slopes at first, but they are not long. It can be a relaxing stroll along the forest as there are no long slopes.
  • Geojin port is the arrival CP. The surrounding area offers an atmosphere unique to Korean ports.

Attention Required

  • [Crossroad] After Eungbong, while heading to Neungseon, at the downhill slope on the right side, the path to Geojin sunrise peak forest will appear. Pay careful attention to the signposts in order to stay on course.
  • [Crossroad] At the midpoint of course 8 is Geojin Sunrise forest. There are many turns along the way, but keep going straight to head to Geojin port.
  • [Beware of Traffic] There are many vehicles including delivery trucks nearby Geojin port so please be careful.

▲ Eungbong pine tree forest path

▲ Hwajinpo comes into view from Eungbong

▲ Geojin sunrise peak forest

▲ Pyeonghwanuri bicycle path, Misiryeong direction



CP 8. Goseongmyeongtae center Operating Hours : Sat. 17:30 ~ Sun. 15:00 CP Food & Beverage : water, beverage, cup rice, snacks, tangerineCP Service : Bag-drop, Toilet Address : 125, Haeoreumhaebyeon-gil, Geojin-eup, Goseong-gun, Gangwon

Course 9

Goseongmyeongtae center(CP8) -> Gajin-ri Gyeongnodang (CP9)

Course Distance: 11km | Difficulty: ★

Course Features

  • Height : Flat 11km / Surface : Flat land that takes you between paved roads and mud paths.
  • Takes you along the East Sea, very similar to course 48 featuring Haeparanggil, where participants can soak in the majestic scenery.
  • You can cross the Bukcheon rail which symbolizes Korea’s painful history of a nation divided in two.
  • There aren’t too many shaded areas, so please find ways to stay cool and hydrated.

Attention Required

  • [Beware of Traffic] Haeparang path is great to walk on, becauase it’s mostly flat land, but there can be incoming traffic every now and then, so please keep a lookout for that.
  • [Pace and rest] After Bukcheon rail, the course that follow lack shade, so be sure to consume some food and water along the way.

▲ Banam beach pine tree path

▲ Bukcheon rail

▲ Donghori beach

▲ Banam beach pine tree path



CP9. Gajin-ri GyeongnodangOperating Hours : Sat. 19:30 ~ Sun. 18:00 CP Food & Beverage : water, beverage, snacks, candy&jelly, bananaCP Service : Toilet Address : Gangwon Goseong-gun Jugwang-myeon Gajin-gil 22

Course 10

Gajin-ri Gyeongnodang (CP9) -> Sampo beach (Finish)

Course Distance: 8.2km | Difficulty: ★

Course Features

  • Height : Flat 8.2km / Surface: Mostly paved roads + wooden deck paths
  • Haeparang-gil course 47 based course. Relatively smooth, passes through Gonghyeongjin, Gajin and Sampo, some of the finest beaches of Goseong
  • Just like course 9, there aren’t too many shades, so stay hydrated to avoid heatstroke.

Attention Required

  • [Beware of Traffic] Past Gajin port, along the beach, there’s a path on the left. Volunteers will be standing by to help traffic control, but there are random tourist vehicles, so please be careful and watch out for incoming traffic.
  • [Crossroad] Along the Gajin port-Gonghyeongjin beach fences, a path that heads to the lower left direction comes into view. Read the direction signs carefully and keep left.
  • [Beware of Traffic] There will be oncoming traffic along Gonghyeongjin port, so please pay attention to the signboards and be careful along this path.
  • [Beware of Traffic] The path to Song Ji Ho autocamping site from Gonghyeonjin port and the areas near Song Ji Ho beach has heavy traffic, so please keep to your right. There will be traffic volunteers on site, but still, please be careful while travelling along this route.

▲ Gonghyeongjin beach

▲ Sampo beach



Finish. Sampo beach Operating Hours : Sat. 21:00 ~ Sun. 20:00 CP Food & Beverage : water, beverage, instant cup noodle, bananaCP Service : Bag-drop, massage, toilet Address : Gangwon goseonggun jugwangmyeon sampori 243-11

- All check points provide water, energy food, first aid, toilets and oxfam volunteers to cheer you on!
- This course is subject to change before the event.
- Guidance staff will controll some sections.